We were delighted to have Mike come and talk about his recent projects at Data Visualisation Brighton. He gave an enjoyable talk and impressed us with his creative output of original and dynamic data driven animations. We look forward to having Mike back!

Peter Cook - Data Visualisation Brighton

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A glimpse at some of our work in progress, experiments and the latest goings on here at Kultur Design. To find out more about what we've been up to recently, follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook, or get in touch.

We're in the #generative glass manifestation #design business! :)

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Intersections. Getting more @p5xjs demos running in codepen. #generative #design #processing

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Fantastic night at @W2Optimism for @Oddityviz opening! Such amazing prints and so many lovely people! #dataviz #Bowie

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I accidentally made a jellyfish thing :) #processing #generative #design #motion #animation

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