Generative Still Life

Generative art commission

Generative Still Life

A generative motion graphics piece, capturing the rich color palette from a still life.

Algorithmic drawing and 4K motion piece designed, and coded by Mike Brondbjerg (@mikebrondbjerg) with processing, using a seed image by Rikard Osterlund : http://www.rikardosterlund.com/index.php/project/flowers/Rikard-Flowers-400-x-300-3.jpg

Using an algorithmic process, we sampled the underlying colour and form from Rikard Osterlund's incredible image to create a 3D "model" of the flowers. Once we had the model we then used it as I kind of 3D brush to slowly paint the following images.

A more angular and less smooth version this work went on to be used in an installation in China.