Tiger Uncaged

Data Art for Mobile and Print

Tiger Uncaged

As part of Tiger Beer's "Uncage" campaign, Havas Worldwide Dublin commissioned us to create a data art system to work within their mobile web application. The campaign encouraged mobile users to create their own unique piece of data art, based on letters in their name, age and time of day, and then claim a free pint of Tiger beer!

To reflect Tiger's far-eastern heritage, the concept we designed centered around creating complex Mandala style imagery generated from a user's facebook profile.

We created a circular visualisation system where each letter of a person's name is given a value a=1, b=2, etc, and that number of points are plotted on concentric rings, outwards from the centre.

Tiger inspired brand icons, were mapped to each letter of the name, placed on the points and scaled according to the letter value and the user's age.

Finally the background imagery, and variation of icons was selected according to the time of day the Mandala was generated.


We created a p5.js application that could be configured by Havas and integrated into their mobile web app, and also a Processing (Desktop) version to create hi resolution artwork for print campaigns.

Some of the hi resolution print imagery was used to decorate the Tiger Dublin Fringe bar (shown below).