Reasons To Conference 2017

Mike spoke again at this great conference in Brighton

Reasons To Conference 2017

September is my favourite time of year, because it means it's time for "Reasons To" conference in Brighton. A 3 day festival of design, creativity and code! Last year we we're honoured to be asked to produce the opening titles for the conference, and this year I was asked back to give a talk. There was even an extra, heart-stopping, surprise for me this year, as I was asked to appear in the Tuesday morning Jam session in the Dome! ... Thanks John ;)

After my 10-minute Jam session in the Dome first thing, my main 45 minute talk in the Church centred around the idea of why, as designers, you might want to use "Data as a creative Material".

"Your data, with it’s stories and characteristics, contains the features, textures, peaks & troughs of your endeavours and is bound uniquely to you. Using this data as the seed in our creative process, allows us to (hopefully) produce data art, design & visualisation, that has the uniqueness & serendipity of your endeavours embedded within it.

We'll look at how data, in one form or another, connects all of our projects and how we've used it in very different ways."


But, the best part of Reasons though was meeting so many positive, creative & smart people, and being inspired by amazing talks by: Christian Heilmann, Frederik Vanhoutte, Chris Gannon, Elliot Jay Stocks, Hattie Newman, Vic Lee, Jon Burgerman, Jon Howard, Chrissie Macdonald, Jon Hicks, Anouk Wipprecht, Neil Harbisson, Nadieh Bremer, Sophie Koko Gate & Noma Bar.

On the final day was the infamous Elevator Pitch (which I have previously "enjoyed"), in which each speaker gets 3 minutes to present their work. This was another great year with super good 3 minutes from, Matt DesLauriers, Shirley WuLiam Walsh, & Hayley Akins.

Thanks John for another great year! 

Thanks to everyone for the great fedback

Some images from the day

Thanks to Chris Gannon (@ChrisGannon), Buff (@buffmotion) and Jon Howard (@swingpants) for taking some great pictures.