Design Exchange Nottingham

Monthly Meetup talk

Design Exchange Nottingham

Design Exchange Nottingham is a monthly meetup about web design, featuring inspiring talks from renowned speakers and local voices that will enrich and inspire.

Jamie and Joe of JH in Nottingham run this great event, and were kind enough to ask me to speak at DxN in September.

It was a great opportunity to have a look around and discover that Nottingham has a really engaged and thriving tech & design scene.

Talk Synopsis: Systems for Drawing

Working in Data Visualisation, Information Design, Branding and Data Art exposes us to lots of different projects with many different motivations.

But what binds all of these fields together is the creation visual output, whether analytical or expressive, based on a set of rules, or "systems for drawing".

Using Processing, P5JS and ThreeJS we'll look at techniques to create illustration, motion graphics and generative logo systems.

Building up step by step, we'll be discussing the techniques and processes behind these projects:

Thanks so much to everyone who came along... you we're an amazingly friendly & welcoming bunch! 

Photos by Paul Moran & DxN