Reasons to be Creative 2015

How to use data in your creative process

Reasons to be Creative 2015

Mike was asked to speak at Brighton's Reason to: conference, here's how he got on:

Data is everywhere, it’s in the messages we send, the sounds we hear, the images in our museums, and even within our own bodies. So let’s sample it as a rich source material for our creative projects.In this How To session, we’ll look at how we can use different types of data as a creative starting point and use it to sample colour & form for illustration projects and create animated expressive data visualisations

We’ll start from some hello world “creative coding” with Processing, move quickly through sampling colour & shape data to create illustrations, for print web & motion, and then onto gathering and visualising data from Arduino sensors.

This How To session is aimed at developers who want to explore code as a creative tool, and designers who want to use the diversity of data to expand their creative output.

Thanks to Dan Hett for one of the photos!