Reasons.To 2016

Title Design & Motion

Reasons.To 2016

We designed & produced the opening titles for Reasons To Conference 2016.

We have attended both Flash on the Beach and Reasons.To for many years, and so to be asked to produce the titles for the 2016 conference was an absolute honour!

Following our remix of the R16 logo, we again worked with Joe Chapman from Two Fingers to extend his awesome theme and take the logo abstraction and music visualisation to another level.

The Reasons To conference blends code & creativity and we wanted to do the same with the titles for 2016.

Using Joe's music as the seed data, we visualised it by wrapping the waveform around the R16 logo.
We also used the amplitude data to change the colour of the waveform & wireframes, increase lighting intensity and add camera shake & zoom.

Finally the lighting changes from blue to red hues over the course of the piece changing the mood as it progresses toward the end.

To be able to create a title sequence for this great conference, and include the names of our design & tech heroes like Joshua Davis, Stacey Mulcahy, Jared Tarbell, Mario Klingemann, Gavin Strange & Jessica Hische has been a dream come true... thank you John!