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Generative Art Projects

Pixel Kit

We are big fans of Kano computers. So, when Kano asked us to create a series of art projects for their new Pixel Kit, we were delighted.

We created a series of projects and articles for Kano, exploring the generative art possibilities of the Pixel Kit, and expose kids to some art history along the way.

Pitch & Volume Visualiser
How can we turn sound into something that we can see? Do you live in a noisy home, or a quiet one? With this Sound visualiser, we can take in values of pitch & volume from the Pixel Kit’s mic & turn them into bands of animated colour.
Project: https://world.kano.me/shared/pixel-kit-pitch-and-volume-visualiser

Mic Mondrian
We’re going to take a trip into art history and make our Pixel Kit create a constantly evolving, sound reactive, “Piet Mondrian Style” composition of pixels.
Project: https://world.kano.me/shared/pixel-kit-mic-mondrian

Ellsworth Kelly
In the early 1950s, Ellsworth Kelly produced a series of works called “Spectrum Colors Arranged by Chance”. These collages were created by randomly selecting, both a colour (from a range of 18), and a position on the canvas. We’re going to emulate this Ellsworth Kelly style process of random creation in an endless cycle on our Pixel Kit.
Project: https://world.kano.me/shared/pixel-kit-ellsworth-kelly

Symmetry Study
An example of how to use symmetry in generative animations. Bringing a bit of order to the chaos and making your designs feel more balanced and composed.
Project: https://world.kano.me/shared/pixel-kit-symmetry-study

Random Walkers
In this project we are going to create a number of ‘random walkers’ for the pixel kit. A single light will represent a ‘walker’ and each walker can only move one position at a time. Where will they decide to wander to? What will happen if they land on each other?
Prooject: https://world.kano.me/shared/pixel-kit-random-walkers

Note: Projects above need to be opened in the new Kano Pixel Kit code editor.